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Elyssa Conley


I got my first camera when I was about 10 years old, but it wasn't until I was a teen that I really got hooked.  I loved working in the darkroom, but that changed in 2004 when I got my first digital camera.  As a photographer, I am drawn to vibrant colors, dramatic light, interesting shapes and textures found either in nature or the manmade environment. I enjoy shooting sea and landscapes, cityscapes and macro photography because these subjects allow me to capture the colors and light that move me.





Lighthouses and Seascapes

There is just something about the form of a lighthouse tower along the rocky New England coast that speaks to me.  I can spend hours photographing the waves splashing against the rocks and looking into tide pools for forms of life or reflections. I enjoy capturing a beautiful land or seascape during the golden hour when the light creates long shadows and brings out textures or rays of light peaking through the fog as it lifts off a body of water. To me, land and seascape photography is all about being in the right place at the right moment and waiting for all the ingredients to come together in a form of dazzling light. 


Two of my favorite places to photograph in Boston are down by the Charles River when the sailboats are on the water and the Rose Kennedy Greenway.  Although I enjoy photographing in the daytime, I love photographing the city during the blue hour when the lights in buildings are on and headlights of cars streak across the street creating movement blurs.  This time of day creates dynamic colors and keeping a little blue in the sky after the sun sets allows a bit of definition between the buildings and sky.


Macro photography is fascinating to me because it enables the viewer to be able to see details you normally don't notice.  This type of photography is a challenge particularly when using telconverters  because the slightest movement from wind will change your entire composition.  To work around this, I began photographing in studio without wind and where I had control of the lighting. 


Sometimes the initial image is just a starting point for me to try out a new technique that I read about in post production.  I enjoy layering images to create something new like an image of  texture combined with a floral image.  I also love creating montages around a theme.  Inspired by late nineteenth-century art movement Symbolism, when given a theme, I enjoy researching the meaning or symbolism of that subject.  My first creation "Stepping Out" was inspired by the theme Shoe.  My images Ten and Transformation were also created after researching symbolism and incorporating it into the montage.  

If you look at one of my images and think "Wow, that is really beautiful" or the image evokes a fond memory, I have succeeded as a photographer.